Overhead Racks (11.01.2011)

Urban Garage was just Awesome. I had installed two 4 x 8 Overhead Racks and I could not be any more happier with the outcome as they turned out better than I would have imagined. The owner Michael had an open line of communication and thus kept me up to date on the status of my order as well as to alleviate any concerns I had. He was very professional and pleasant to work with. The installer Joe was efficient, clean, respectful, and most importantly took the time to make sure the installation would be 100% safe before starting the job. It was obvious he took pride in his work as it clearly shows in the finished product. Mike even came out to my house to look at the finished product, answer any further questions I had, and as a common courtesy to meet me face to face. This is over and above the required customer service. I highly recommend these guys to anyone and I definitely plan on using them again in the future. I love showing off the overhead racks to my friends and family.
Extreme thanks to Urban Garage......Neil J.

Job well done (16.12.2010)

Terrific company to work with. Produced a great looking garage for me and at a reasonable price too.

Brent Walterhouse (19.11.2010)

Brent Walterhouse

I purchased a Gladiator powerstrip from Michael at Urban Garage after other suppliers who advertised it could not actually supply the powerstrip. Service was great.

An organized garage! (18.04.2010)


I called and right after seeing them on HGTV and they picked up right away. The whole process took within two weeks and I couldn't be happier. Mike and Joe took real pride in their work and was able to create space for both my cars. Thanks guys!


Urban Garage is Highly Recommended (10.10.2009)

 Roland Avenue Road Lawrence

garage renovation Our garage was so cluttered that it was difficult to find room for our two cars. After contacting and visiting the showrooms of a number of garage renovators, we contacted Urban Garage. It was a fortunate choice. Michael and Joe turned out to be the most helpful and accommodating individuals, and definitely the friendliest of all the garage renovators we had contacted. They came up with a number of helpful suggestions regarding shelf and cabinet layouts in the garage, and with excellent recommendations regarding garage floor finish. Because they had originally spent many years in house construction, they were able to provide invaluable advice on how to seal minor cracks in the floor and walls of the garage, to avoid potential moisture problems in the future.

Michael and Joe carried out the renovation work in only a few days by adhering scrupulously to the agreed-upon timetable. They were extraordinarily careful to complete all work to an outstanding finish. They also undertook to paint the garage walls and ceiling to add a bright look to the well-ordered layout. Although the price was highly competitive, there was no compromise on quality. Urban Garage provided the kind of clean-cut and modern renovation we were looking for. The work was done with enthusiasm, tremendous care and personal respect for the client.

To those who care to read this….we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Urban Garage for garage renovation, wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Dr. and Mrs. R. Timsit


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